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Crowd-sensing is an approach involving a large, spread out group of participants using mobile devices with the aim of receiving reliable data from the field. This approach has been used both in industry and multiple research studies, including traffic and road monitoring (geo-crowdsourcing), urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety, environmental and ecological monitoring, and others.

The rapid emergence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and wearables, usually with a rich array of sensors, enables a new means of acquiring sensor data, known as crowd-sensing. Together with the intrinsic mobility of their users, the ability to acquire local knowledge from people’s immediate environment or even themselves is gained. Crowd-sensing is useful, not only to industry but also different research communities that have an interest in collecting a new class of data over a much larger scope of area and people than was previously possible. It is also an attractive approach for companies looking to collect data without high investment costs.


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Some use cases

  1. Wild dump reporting and controlling
  2. Environmental monitoring
  3. Ganga river monitoring

Wild dump reporting and controlling

This is an application that helps report wild dumps.

Take a look at some of the screenshots below.

Environmental monitoring

This is an application that helps collect and sort all kinds of environmental monitoring data, regardless of the data source (volunteers, automated stations, data collected internally). Free forms, questionnaires, audio, video, and sensors can all be combined with satellite imagery and displayed in a user-friendly way.

Take a look at some of the screenshots below.

Not that long ago we were present at the India Water Impact Summit 2017. We were asked how CrowdSensing could be used to report pollution around the Ganga River. In just a few hours we produced a simple demo application that shows exactly that.

What does the demo app support?
Reading sensor data (location, environment data, etc.), recording video (to have a visual confirmation), an easy to use form, and optionally WebRTC audio/video conferencing (for live reporting). All collected data can be transmitted to the cloud in real time or on-demand (if there is no connectivity on location).

Take a look at some screenshots of the demo application below.


Our other products


The IotConcept team will furnish you with the knowledge and answers to basic questions about the Internet of Things and prepare proofs-of-concept, pilots, and prototypes.



KliP - Click to Talk is a widget, set up on your website. It allows visitors to exchange messages (text, audio, video, screen sharing) with you, the website owner.

KLiP - Click to Talk


IoTool is a smartphone IoT client/gateway/cloud/API and is used by CrowdSensing to connect to all kinds of sensors and synchronize their readings to the cloud.



IoChat is a secure self-hosted WebRTC platform that can be easily integrated into CrowdSensing to enable live communications for your users.